Sugar Bubble 於1999年成立,是來自韓國的天然家居用品。

Sugar Bubble產品包括:洗潔精、洗衣液、柔順劑、廚房浴室清潔劑、嬰兒專用洗衣液、

Sugar Bubble著重自然和保護生態環境,積極於研發天然家居清潔用品,其產品已得到多個安全測試證書,包括:FDA Composition Test、ISO14001、ISO9001、Acquired S (Safety) mark of the Korea Testing and Research Institute等等。在美國FDA許可測試中,鉛或汞等10多種重金屬和80種有害化學物質,呈陰性反應。

Sugar Bubble洗潔精,利用尖端技術由蔗糖和橄欖油提煉而成,能清除重金屬,

eco friendly

Sugar Bubble was established in 1999 in Korea to provide harmless, natural detergents that are safe to use every day for every one including babies.

Why is Sugar Bubble products so safe? Unlike other detergents that are made from chemical surfactants, Sugar Bubble uses Sugar Cane and Olive Oil, all natural and no chemicals. As a result, products are also environmentally friendly. The products are also powerful. It can remove heavy metals, germs and contaminants.

Sugar Bubble products are certified in many different safety tests such as FDA Composition Test,
ISO14001, ISO9001, Acquired S (Safety) mark of the Korea Testing and Research Institute etc.
Products resulted negative for: endocrine disruptors, 10 heavy metals(e.g. mercury), and 80 harmful
chemical substances in a FDA-licensed test labs.

Sugar Bubble products include: Dishwashing Detergent, Laundry products, Fabric Softener, Kitchen
Cleaner, Baby Body Wash and Baby Laundry Products etc.


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CEO of Sugar Bubble and the reporter drinking detergent. This shows how safe our products are!!





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